Executive Masterclass

Artificial Intelligence

Learn how Artificial Intelligence can be applied to business and how to develop deep neural networks
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Who is this masterclass for:

Our experienced Artificial Intelligence experts take you through the learning process to create exactly the knowledge and skills you need. This Executive Masterclass is designed for top executives and professionals who want to get a profound introduction to AI and learn how to use the AI technology. Executives, managers, specialists, product managers, and innovation managers can benefit from this course.

Why take this masterclass

We are now witnessing a paradigm shift across industries and companies. According to BCG, 75% executives believe that AI will empower their companies to create innovation and attain new business opportunities. 85% believe AI will enable their companies to sustain or obtain a competitive advantage in the near future and on longer term. After our Masterclass you are able to identify what AI projects you can initiate in your company and how to build AI strategies and implement it successfully.

In this masterclass, you learn how to navigate with AI. We identify the many uses of neural networks in the contexts of computer vision, natural language understanding, and speech/audio recognition. Our AI teachers combine high quality teaching and hands-on workshops to optimise your learning experience. After the masterclass you know where to start when it comes to implementing AI in your business.

Learning outcomes
Knowledge about the benefits that AI provide in business contexts
Insights about how to navigate the several myths around AI
The ability to develop product and go-to-market strategies based on AI
Knowledge about the most popular technologies and frameworks in the deep learning space (including TensorFlow, Keras, and scikit-learn) and the skills to use these for state-of-the-art models for processing images, text and speech
Skills to set up end-to-end deep learning pipelines, from collecting data, training models, evaluating performance, releasing into production and monitoring
Knowledges about how to leverage the power of AI to empower your business. We focus on how to avoid pitfalls when launching AI-based projects and products
How to design and initiate development of AI products. We spend time on mapping out both the capabilities and the limitations of the AI technology
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Info and Costs

Fall 2019

2 days


Early Bird (before 17/02/2019)
8.750 DKK

9.500 DKK

Before the start of class, participants buy a Paperspace subscription for 150 DKK.

Danneskiold-Samsøes Allé 41, København K

More Information

Meet the teachers

Sebastian Brandes
Co-Founder at Brainsquad

Sebastian holds an M.Sc. in Economics and Quantitative Methods and has held various positions in Microsoft's consulting and technical evangelism divisions in Denmark. Today, he’s a co-founder at Brainsquad, where he is leveraging the power of AI to increase product quality in the pharmaceutical, real estate and healthcare industries.

Michael Sass Hansen
Co-Founder at Brainsquad

Michael holds a Ph.D. in Medical Image Analysis and an M.Sc. in Applied Mathematics. He conducted his postdoc at Harvard and has completed research stays at Imperial College. Today, he is a co-founder at Brainsquad, where he improves and ensures product quality through image classification, image segmentation and anomaly detection.

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