Executive Masterclass

Data-Driven Strategy and Management

Learn to collect, analyse and present data to make strategic decisions for your business
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Who is this masterclass for:

This masterclass is tailormade business professionals as top executives and specialists working with innovation, digital business transformation, product development, digital business or marketing. No technical qualifications are necessary to join. Please note that this masterclass is not designed to data scientists. 


Why join this masterclass

Today, data is the main enabler behind good and effective decision-making. Learn how to navigate the data jungle; collecting, interpreting and analysing data. Gain the knowledge you need to present data analysis to stakeholders using data visualisation dashboards, and get confident to use data to make strategic decisions for your business.

Top notch data analysis skills allow for companies to predict consumer trends and behaviours, develop user experiences, optimise product development, track marketing results, increase productivity, and invest in innovation. In this Executive Masterclass you get the tools and knowledge needed to implement data driven decision-making processes effectively and successfully.

Learning outcomes
You learned how to define relevant data sources, understand the constraints and advantages of different data storage, and assess data reliability
You are skilled to use specific tools to analyse and manipulate data
You understand the importance of data analysis for business
You are able to apply data analysis results to implement business strategies and are a master of data driven management
You are skilled in designing data-driven business models
Knowledge about how to collect data
The ability to produce data visualisation
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2 days


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8.750 DKK

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9.500 DKK

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Meet the team

Anna Cappi, Learning Manager

Bodil Christine Reumert, Director

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